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FoolProof: a component toolkit for abstract syntax with variable bindings

By Kees Hemerik, available from the Technical University of Eindhoven’s website:

FOOLPROOF is intended as a component toolkit for implementation of formal languages with binding structures. It provides a coherent collection of components for many common language processing tasks, in particular those related to binding structures. FOOLPROOF consists of: a meta-language for specifying signatures with variable bindings; a signature editor for constructing well-formed signatures; a small collection of interfaces for manipulating syntax trees and binding structures at various levels of detail; a set of generic components for processing syntax trees with binding structures, in particular for: copying, substitution, editing, matching, unification and rewriting; a generator which maps signature specifications to signature-specific classes. FOOLPROOF is being implemented in Object Pascal and will eventually take the form of a component library for the Delphi environment.